Fringed Quilled Flower Tutorial

There are many type of quill flowers. Let’s talk about fringed flowers. I have shared some images of fringed flowers. It’s very pretty and very easy to make it. Basically it is a combination of two colours (dark and light) to make it attractive.

If you have never made fringed flowers, here are some examples of ways they can be used for small bouquet, card making, wall frames, envelope, table decor etc.

The above flowers are created with two colours rolled together using quilling tool.

Take 5/8-inch x 10 inch strips of any light colour or you can use exotic strip (2 colour shades strip) and fringing it by hand or a machine name ‘Quilled Fringer’. Machine gives you uniform cutting of strips. See below image for machine and strip cutting.

After fringing strips, take a dark colour strip 1/8-inch x 3inch (smaller in width than light shade strip), glue together at one end. Wait for 30 secs till it gets dry.

After dry, start for rolling the strip till end and apply glue at ends. You will see final result. A very beautiful flower is ready to use for greeting cards or envelope.

For more details information how to make it, watch below video.

Have fun making fringed quilled flowers… I hope it will help you. Share your views below.

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